Holliday Development


In 2008, as a deepening recession had wrecked havoc on new developments and established neighborhoods across the country, Holliday Development was approached by lenders who had been impressed with our resolve in other challenging neighborhoods to take over two important projects in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood that had been severely derailed, and put them back on track for the good of the local community. A prior developer had made big promises to the neighbors in the bubble of a few years ago, but left them with  deep wounds and half-built scars on the landscape. Holliday understood that by working with local leaders and redesigning the projects so that they could be completed within the limited remaining budget, there was still a way to bring the buildings to market and benefit the neighborhood. The results are San Francisco’s nicest affordable rental housing project, and an outstanding example of mixed income and mixed use development that brought a fresh food grocer and small locally-owned restaurants, a senior center, and high quality housing targeted to workforce renters and homeowners to the Bayview.