Holliday Development


Holliday Development is more than a development company. We have a long-term partnership with some of the best architects, designers, and engineers in the Bay Area, bringing together some of the most entrepreneurial-minded leaders who, under the direction of the Holliday Development staff, tackle some of the largest and most complex real estate projects in California.

David Baker, David Baker + Partners Architects
David Baker and Rick Holliday have worked together for more than 25 years. Dave designed BRIDGE Housing¹s first two high profile developments in San Francisco, Holloway Terrace and Parkview Commons. Rick and Dave shared a SOMA office from 1988 to 1991 where they created thelive/work loft concept that revolutionized Bay Area infill housing. Dave and Rick share a common interest in trying to demonstrate that innovative complicated infill development can be economically feasible as sell as socially rewarding.
David Baker
Larry Pace, Cannon Constructors
Larry Pace has been an integral part of HD’s success over the past 18 years. Larry proved his versatility through managing the reconstruction of the Clocktower Lofts while assisting the HD staff in marketing the project as well. Larry’s contributions far exceed those related to the physical construction of the projects. His contagious enthusiasm and infectious personality provide strong motivation to the marketing and sales teams. Larry’s experience and familiarity with Homeowners’ Associations continues to allow the post-construction period to proceed in a highly efficient manner for both the development team and the buyers.
Cannon Constructors
Tom Graf, GrafCon
For the past 20 years Tom has served as a personal advisor to HD in the area of environmental remediation. Tom is presently one of the most respected professionals in the brownfield development arena.
Mimi Evans, Interior Concepts
Mimi Evans created Interior Concepts in 1993 and has provided design advice and installations for Holliday Development buyers since its first loft project at 601 4th Street. Specializing in flooring, Mimi has provided both soft and hard flooring options to our various design centers over the years. In addition she and Nancy Holliday have partnered on interiors projects for a number of affordable housing corporations including BRIDGE, Eden Housing and Mid Peninsula Housing.
David Cincotta,
Jeffer, Mangels, Butler and Marmaro, Attorneys

In 1988, HD opened its initial office in shared space with Dave Cincotta. Dave’s extensive knowledge of the entitlement process in San Francisco rendered him invaluable to HD given that the first five projects of HD were located in the south of Market and Potrero Hill neighborhoods in San Francisco. Rick’s work with David dates back to the early 1980’s when BRIDGE Housing was in its formative stages. Dave continues to advise HD on land use and entitlement issues throughout the state of California.
Kenneth Katzoff, Katzoff and Riggs Attorneys
For the last fifteen years, Ken has been the coordinator of all of HD’s legal activities pertaining to Homeowenrs’ Associations and construction related matters. Ken’s involvement as Chairman of the Oakland Planning Commission and President of the Oakland Port has added to his ability to assist HD in expanding its business in the greater East Bay area.
Katzoff and Riggs
Jeff Miller, Miller Company Landscape Architects
Jeff Miller has been landscaping Holliday Development gardens and courtyards since 1993. His most recent work can be seen in the three fabulous courtyards at the Pacific Cannery Lofts. The courtyard at the Emeryville Warehouse is also his creation as are the beautiful garden at Arkansas Park in San Francisco where he brought in local junior high school students to help with the plan. The Miller Company also won awards for their work at the Iron Horse Lofts in Walnut Creek. Jeff’s organic understanding about how future residents will use the outside space of the HD housing is essential to its success.
Miller Company
Peter Palmisano, Pacific Union
Peter and Rick Holliday began their professional relationship in 1985 when Pacific Union partnered with BRIDGE Housing (Rick’s former company) on the development of Parkview Commons, a project of 114 affordable housing units in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Rick confided in Peter frequently during the start-up years of HD and continues to have a close business and personal relationship with Peter to this day.
Pacific Union
Rick Mariano, RS Mariano Interests
Rick Holliday and Rick Mariano met in 1985 when BRIDGE Housing & Delancey St. were building adjacent projects in San Francisco’s South Beach Neighborhood. Rick has served as HD’s commercial broker on all major real estate transactions. Rick Mariano has also been an investor and business partner in some of HD’s most successful ventures, most recently Central Station
Robert Stein, Stein & Lubin Attorneys
Bob Stein has provided valuable legal advice on all HD partnerships and loan transactions since HD’s inception. Bob’s unique ability to document a transaction without “over lawyering” has been key in the success of HD’s success. Bob serves as general legal counsel to the company.
Stein and Lubin Attorneys
Steve Tipping, Tipping Mar Engineers
Tipping Mar and Holliday Development have grown from infancy together over the past twenty plus years. The professional relationship between Tipping Mar and Holliday Development is nearly as old as the companies themselves. Steve Tipping was instrumental in designing efficient structural systems for Holliday Development’s first five renovation projects. Recently, Steve has developed his own commercial projects, significantly increasing his value to the Holliday Development team. HD continues to work in concert with Steve as his experience has proved to be essential in future projects.
Tipping Mar