Holliday Development

Jamestown / Candlestick Heights

Holliday Development

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Developer: Holliday Development

Architect: Brand+Allen

Holliday Development was engaged by a major institutional lender to revive this partially-built 198-unit development that had been brought to a halt by a wave of financial and physical challenges.  By sorting out the financial status, restoring relationships with subcontractors and neighbors, and enhancing the design, the project was put back on track and the first phase of the development completed. The site, perched above the Bayview neighborhood and Candlestick Point Recreation Area, offers spacious family housing and world class views: two very valuable amenities in San Francisco. Holliday completed the first phase with modern kitchens, bathrooms, and finishes, as well as beautifully landscaped outdoor seating areas and community gardens. Holliday repositioned the project to mixed-income housing to maximize project value and community goals, paving the way for the completion of all 198 homes.