Holliday Development

Holliday Development

For over 20 years Holliday Development has been innovatively housing thousands of residents, entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses.

By building vibrant mixed-use communities that are sustainable and cutting edge, Holliday Development has taken some of the Bay Area’s most complex real estate and brought it to life.

Now at our strongest with over 20 years of experience, the best is still to come.

On Track and at the Front of the Pack

The Truckee Railyard project heralds a lot of firsts. It’s the first time the Town of Truckee has partnered this closely with a developer. Likely the first time a developer convinced Union Pacific to accept commercial development within a balloon track. The first time this site will diverge from... learn more

Developer, S.F. see new possibilities in assembly-line housing

The 30,000-pound boxes being delivered by a fleet of flatbed trucks to the Bayview don’t look like much. But if you ask Mayor Ed Lee, they just might be a solution to the city’s housing crisis. On Thursday morning, Lee stood next to a construction trailer at 5830 Third... learn more

West Oakland on track for change

Rick Holliday has been interested in West Oakland since he was a city planning student at UC Berkeley in 1975. “Rick, it’s all going to be West Oakland,” he remembers a professor telling him then about the hardscrabble area in the shadow of the elevated Cypress Freeway. “It’s minutes... learn more

A Small Town in an Old Printing Plant

A stone’s throw from the Bay Bridge and the home of the San Francisco Giants, a converted live/work building is home to an eclectic community that includes painters, architects and Internet entrepreneurs About 100 feet from an off-ramp of San Francisco’s Bay Bridge sits a former lithograph plant of... learn more

5800 is Sold Out, but Not for Long

137 homes, the first fresh food super market in the Bayview in over 50 years, and two hot restaurants now fully occupy the thriving 5800 Third property, once an idled construction site. The next 150 homes break ground soon. learn more

PCL Lofts Sell Out

The 163 homes at Pacific Cannery Lofts are sold out! PCL is part of the first 1,000 new residents in West Oakland’s 30-acre Central Station development, enabling home ownership for entrepreneurs, first time home-buyers, & others. learn more

The Next Neighborhood: Railyard Revival Yields Old West Views

Rick Holliday’s Oakland-based firm specialized in retrofitting abandoned urban spaces in the Bay Area, and is now teaming up with architect David Baker to transform old rail yards into a new mixed-use community in downtown Truckee. learn more