Holliday Development

Nancy Holliday

Nancy has been involved in Holliday Development since the company’s inception; the house that she and Rick built by hand served as equity to start Holliday Development. Formally trained in exercise physiology at UC Berkeley, Nancy developed programs in corporate and hospital health promotion and in nutrition and cardiac rehabilitation for over 10 years. In 1990, she shifted her focus and began running design centers at Holliday Development’s Bay Area loft projects. Recognizing a unique opportunity, she soon opened her own business, DesignMesh, which worked to find creative and cost-effective ways to furnish the common spaces in affordable housing projects, including reselling developers’ model furniture and using student art and photography. DesignMesh then expanded into the budding tech world and produced some of the earliest real estate websites, winning a Best of the Bay award for Holliday’s Emeryville Warehouse project. Nancy now serves as the Creative Director at Holliday Development where she is responsible for websites, photography, branding, and interior design. In addition to her work at HD, Nancy is also an artist working with her photography and alternative printing materials. Her work can be found here.