Holliday Development

Bruce Beasley, Local West Oakland resident and world renown sculptor calls his piece at the Beijing Olympics “Gathering of the Moons“. Although it brings Olympic Rings to mind he started playing with these shapes long before he got the commission in Beijing. The discs made of steel slicing into each other have a certain dynamism and movement as described by Mr. Beasley but beyond that he will let the sculpture speak for itself. The actual piece was first designed digitally with 3-D software and then formed out of plastic. This piece along with other Beasley designs was manufactured and assembled in China but unlike others this one stayed in China.

Mr. Beasley has commissions all over the world and those of you who fly to the Olympics from San Francisco will see his amazing art at the beginning and end of your journey, both in the SF airport and at one of the Olympic Parks……ENJOY!