Holliday Development

For the past couple of years Holliday Development and Cannon Constructors have paired up to sponsor and work on a house in need for Rebuilding Together Oakland. RTO is nonprofit and primarily works with elderly and disabled people in Oakland who can’t afford to fix their homes. This year we worked on a “Heavy House” meaning it needed lots of skilled work to bring it up to snuff.  With months of preparation, planning and dedication, the house was completed in two days, April 18th and 25th.  Here is what we did:

A handicapped ramp was erected in the the back of the house so the thirteen year old paraplegic boy who lives there could come and go without assistance.  When the ramp was completed and the young man first descended down the ramp there were tears in everyone’s eyes.

The team completed the lath and then plastered and painted the house inside and out.  Some light electrical and carpentry work was also performed, in addition to sloping and tiling a bathroom floor making it wheelchair accessible.

No one knew at the time that the homeowner had worked with an unscrupulous contractor who was picked up by KGO – 7 On Your Side.  They went after the contractor, but the homeowner, Gracie Madden, still did not get her issued addressed.  KGO followed up with her to see how see was doing, and she told them that “RTO is fixing my house”.  KGO plans to cover this event as a “happy ending”.  Regardless if the TV crew shows up or not…it IS a happy ending.  Check out the picture of Gracie and her daughter.  I must say that it was a pleasure working with them.  The sweet potato pie these ladies baked for us was “to die for”!